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Exhibition Lövudden 2007-07-21

Judge: Kirsti Lumme Lampi

Class: Open

Read the criticism:

Very elegant and Feminite white female, with pleasing head.

Lovely pigmentation. Very good neck and topline.

Good body. Well angulated front and rear.

Very good feet and elegant whole.

1:a pris, 2:a kk, Ck, Btkl 2:a, R-CACIB


Exhibition Askersund 2007-08-12

Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Class: Open


Read the criticism:


Very good kind of becoming to the continental styling.

Rare beautiful pigmented. Request a feminine head and expression, and long

neck.Excellent chest, body and bone structure. Good coat and color.

Moves with good balance but wishes more elegance. Nice temperament.

1:a pris, 2:a ökl











Very promising and well moving junior male.

Appealing head.Good neck,Very good body for his age,well

angulated legs andvery good movements.



Junkl: 1 , 1 ,Ck ,opl. bästa juniorhane


Exhibition: Norrköping 2007-08-19

Judge: Hans Lehtinen


Read the criticism:

A short single, beautiful nosprofil, the skull could be more noble, nice neck &

topline, very good movement. General appearance could be better angled, the body

deep enough, but need more volume.

Junkl: 1, 1, Ck. opl. bästa juniorhane



Owner: Co-owned with Anna Sörlin


Exhibition Ånnaboda 2007-07-08

Judge: Nona Catterall

Class: Junior

Read the criticism:

White male unable to asset on the table. Complete mouth, unhappy on the move."

1, 1, 1 Hp, bästa junior


Exhibition Ransäter 2007-07-28

Judge: Kristina Sahlström

Class: Junior


Read the criticism:


Excellent proportions. Nice head, beautiful expression, beautiful eyes, excellent pigment.

Good neck, back, cross, no low tail.

Good tail, excellent body and chest.

Good angles, good feet, excellent color and coat, excellent harmonic motion.

1, 1, oplac. Ck bästa junior


Exhibition Askersund 2007-08-12

Judge: Mikael Nilsson

Class: Junior


Read the criticism:


Very good type and size. Really beautiful expression.

Masculine, stylish, wish some more angles and more around the chest.

Excellent coat, color and pigmentation. Lovely tail.

Moves with good style, but could have more softness.


1, 1, 1, Hp, bästa junior


Uställning Växjö 2007-11-02

Domare : Clare Coxall

Klass : Junior

Läs kritik:

Good head, eye and expression. Nice coat.

Moves soundly. Must get better on the table

1, 2


Exhibition Stockholm International Fairs 2007-12-15

Judge: Valentina Ivanishcheva Russia

Class: Intermediate class


Read the criticism:

Excellent size, body and bone.

Excellent head, pigmentations and expression. Correct topline.

Excellent coat. Good tailset. Very good movement and show.

Don´t like the table too much

1, 2




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